Gianna is involved in many different passion projects of the heart.  Please read more below to see what she is currently involved with.

Healdsburg Dance Collective:
Gianna is a founding member of Healdsburg Dance Collective (HDC), which was launched in early 2023. The founding members of HDC have joined forces as a roving collective to collaborate, share resources, and advocate for the local development and presentation of dance of all kinds. The intent is to create an inclusive overarching umbrella organization that brings together local dance artists to bolster community support for dance. 
The collective’s ultimate goal is to operate out of a shared community space dedicated to dance in Healdsburg where HDC can provide education and performance opportunities for children and adults. For more information please visit HDC’s website here.

Oakland Ballet Legacy Project
Gianna is actively volunteering her time to raise funds and input data for the Oakland Ballet Legacy Project. The Oakland Ballet Company Legacy Project is a collaboration between The Ronn Guidi Foundation for DanceOakland Ballet Company, and ChromaDiverse, to preserve, protect, and present the important works of this world-renowned dance company.  For more information please visit the website here.

Wild Muse Designs:
Since 2012 Gianna has been making and selling nature inspired jewelry.  Gianna finds her muse in cracked shells, old pocket watches, abandoned honey comb, sticks and seed pods, and believes they carry their own wonderful story.  Most of her jewelry is made using these fragments of life's cast offs as inspiration. 

All of Gianna’s jewelry is made using a variety of fabrication techniques that include lost wax casting, soldering, metal cutting and forming, resin, and wire work. She adores transforming tiny pieces of nature into permanent and wearable pieces of art. 

You can currently find Gianna’s jewelry at Lucky Heron in Healdsburg, or you can visit her etsy site at here.